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This webpage was created to display some of my work and so most of the bookmarks available. I keep it relatively updated but for instant news you can follow the Instagram or Facebook feed and stay connected.

Browse and discover the themes I create based on my taste and intuition. By seeing some of the items you can imagine a bookmark for you or as a gift. See the styling and materials and give your own ideas, order in bulk and spread unique pieces made with care and dedication.

The bookmarks can be made with cork or faux suede cord with several colors available in this last option. The materials for the themes can be charms, beads, pendants, chains, stones & crystals, items picked in nature or special pieces sent by customers.

To order bookmarks you can send email, I will reply with info about availability of the materials, estimated time, price, payment and shipping details.

Please feel encouraged to contact, moreover Crafts for You bookmarks are very affordable even with the shipping cost. It's my policy, currently, not having the book markers prices displayed, it's an option based on the variable cost associated with some items.

If you are a book lover or book worm, or still have the pleasure of reading paper books, and at the same time like to accessorize your companions, this is a page for you. Moreover, don't know what to offer to your friends? Give them unique & custom handmade mark pages, they will love it!
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