Welcome to Crafts for You a crafty page.

In here, for now, you will see the crafts that I do most - bookmarks.

The story about creating page markers wasn't something planned. In fact, I did my first bookmark, as a gift, with the materials I had for bracelets. After that, in a burst of creativity, I created more bookmarks and started to show & sell them.

My bookmarks are what I consider friendly and cosy for the book pages, and accessorize the books with style. Almost everything can be used as bookmark but if you like books, as much as I, it's impossible not to pick a special bookmark or a special object to enrich the experience of reading a book.

My bookmarks can be about random themes/pieces; or with crystal/stones creating zen themes; or even custom made for specific books and/or with pieces sent by my clients.

You are invited to browse the gallery, share this page, connect with me through the social links or email me for more info or/and orders.

Crafts for You
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